Question: Is it normal to experience abdominal pain while inserting a tampon?

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    Amy Vaughan offers a peer perspective on feminine care.
    Amy Vaughan
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    Stacey DuFord is a mom here to answer questions about period care.
    Stacey DuFord
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    Sandy Knauf is helping change the way people talk about vaginal care.
    Sandy Knauf
  • You might want to change the type of absorbency of tampon you are using. Have you just started using tampons? I remember being able to feel it every time I moved when I first started using them. Or maybe the size you are attempting to use is too big for you? I would also see what our health expert Sandy has to say.

  • I would guess that you might not be inserting the tampon correctly.  The proper way to insert a tampon is towards your spine.  Try standing or sitting in a different position when you insert the tampon and see if that makes a difference. Here’s a link to a video on our site that demonstrates how to properly insert a tampon


    If you still experience pain after a few more months I suggest you visit your medical practitioner.  There may be a medical explanation for the pain if it continues.

  • Usually, inserting a tampon should be painless. If you are having pain when this happens, make sure you are inserting it the right depth, direction, and you should have a few inches of string left outside of the vagina to grab onto and insert angling up and back. Also, relaxing those stomach muscles can help if muscle tension is to blame. Take some deep abdominal breaths before you begin. Use the following link to watch our on-line video on how to insert a tampon  If it is not technique and you still are having pain, see your health care provider for an appointment and exam to figure out what the cause might be.

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