Question: How do I make the vaginal area smell good? I want it to have a flowery or good scent. I have good hygiene but it still smells weird. What should I do?

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  • If you wash your vagina regularly, it will probably have a pretty neutral scent naturally. What you think smells "weird" others probably don't even notice at all! I don't like to use special douches or perfumes in that area just because I'm not sure how the chemicals will react with my natural scent (sometimes, it makes it worse!). Sometimes, after I get dressed, I'll spray a light spritz of my regular perfume on my pants just so that area smells just as good as the rest of me! But other than that, washing regularly with mild soap and water should do the trick.

  • There are deodorant products you can use -- wipes, foams or sprays. They're meant to use externally and can leave your vulva with a flowery scent. Personally, I don't choose to use them. I prefer just to wash my external area with mild soap and water. If you do decide to use a deodorant product, make sure you use one that's specially made for feminine use.

  • Let me start by saying that lots of women worry about how their vagina smells, and feel that they need to do something to give it a nice, “flowery” scent. In reality, vaginas are not designed to smell like flowers… they are designed to smell like vaginas, and every woman may have her own unique odor. It is normal for your vagina to have this slight odor, and this smell may change throughout your cycle. Any significant change in smell may mean that you have an infection, and indicates that you should see your healthcare provider.


    On a day-to-day basis, the best way to keep your vagina healthy is to practice good hygiene. You should wash your vulva with warm water and unscented, gentle soap when you shower or bathe. Wearing clothing that allows your skin to “breathe” can also be very helpful. Finally, don’t douche unless this is something that your healthcare provider recommends that you do.


    If you want to use a scented liner in order to create a more “flowery” scent, that is perfectly fine. You can also try using talcum powder on the top part of your legs in order to help control sweating and odor on warm days or when you exercise.

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