Question: Can a tampon get stuck up in your uterus?

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  • Not very likely, the opening to your vagina is large enough for a tampon, but the cervix (the lower part of your uterus) is a very small opening -- too small for something as large as a tampon to get through. Take a look at our article: The (Amazing) Science Behind Your Period. It has a diagram so you can see what I’m talking about. I know pictures always help me!

  • Good news: From what I understand, it is impossible because your vagina is not long enough for a tampon to get lost in it. The only way for it to get stuck in your uterus would be for it to enter through your cervix, which is way too small to have a tampon enter into it. A cervix is only big enough for liquids to pass through (or a baby, but it opens up for that).

  • It is much more likely that you get a tampon stuck up in your vagina by getting pushed farther up into the canal where it was originally placed. Your uterus extends down into the vagina a little and the end of it is called the cervix. The cervix has an opening to the uterus, but it is usually tightly closed unless it is dilated either by contractions during labor or by a health professional during certain procedures. This is usually quite uncomfortable. It is pretty unlikely that a tampon could just end up in the uterus without you knowing it or without some force.

    If you think you have a lost tampon, don’t feel weird about checking for yourself (even though it might seem a little strange, it is okay!). Insert your index finger into the vaginal opening to see if you can feel the tampon or its string. If you can, relax (deep breath) and try to remove it by pinching the string or hooking it down with your finger. If you can’t find it, get too frustrated or it hurts, make an appointment to see your health care provider ASAP. This kind of thing happens and sometimes it takes just a quick exam to remove.

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