Question: Can tampons cause more bleeding from rippage?

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    Michelle Petropoulos
  • As long as you are inserting your tampon correctly, I don’t see why you would have to worry about something like that. Always make sure your tampon absorbency is what you need for that day of your period. Definitely click here to watch a video that demonstrates the correct use of a tampon, even if you think you know it all. I bet you’ll learn something new. I did!

  • If your hymen is intact and it's your first time using a tampon, there is a possibility of some minor tearing. (Contrary to what the myths would have you believe, you can use a tampon if you're a virgin) But if you've used tampons before, I don't think there's any way a tampon could cause ripping. Sometimes a tampon can cause some friction when you're removing it if it's still dry. That's a slightly uncomfortable sensation, but it isn't causing any damage.

  • Tampons should not be traumatic to your vaginal canal, so no. Be sure to choose the right size tampon for the amount of flow you’re experiencing. Tampons should not hurt, going in or coming out. They should not cause any tearing or bleeding if used correctly (click here to check out lots of good info on tampons!). Even taking out a dry tampon (though it may feel a bit awkward) should not cause any trauma or increase bleeding. If you are experiencing pain or have concerns regarding infection, contact your healthcare provider.

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