Question: Why is it that my period is a few days shorter now that I use tampons than when I used pads?

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    Jamie Villarreal is helping change the way people talk about vaginal care.
    Jamie Villarreal
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    Stacey DuFord
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    Sandy Knauf is helping change the way people talk about vaginal care.
    Sandy Knauf
  • I’m not really sure. It could be that it just appears to be shorter because the blood is just being absorbed a different way with the tampon. I think it’s a great question though and I’m really looking forward to the answer as well! I would check what our health expert Sandy has to say on this!

  • What a good question!  I don’t remember noticing a difference and now you’ve got me curious.  I just asked my daughter if she noticed a change when she switched and she didn’t either. It could be that your tampon use happened to coincide with your period naturally getting shorter. But now I’m really curious to read Sandy’s answer and see if there is something to it!

  • I have even wondered the same thing myself, but I don’t think that it actually changes how much or long you bleed during your period. Hormones are primarily in charge of all of the bleeding. A few days before your period, estrogen and progesterone decline and that signals the lining of your uterus to shed. Then toward the end of your bleeding, estrogen starts to climb back up and this stops the bleeding at the end. Other things that could change your period are weight changes, changes in sleep habits, changes in activity level and stress.

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