Question: Can a tampon fall out during urination?

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    Laura Martin
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    Michelle Petropoulos provides information about vaginal care.
    Michelle Petropoulos
  • If tampons fell out during urination, I don’t think I’d pee while on my period. Luckily, we don’t have to choose between peeing and using a tampon because we don’t have to worry about our tampons falling out while we pee. Pee assured, your tampon should stay exactly where it is. But, here’s a tip, before you pee, I recommend you move the tampon string forward so that you don’t pee on it. Having a wet tampon string stuck to your vagina can be pretty uncomfortable.

  • I’m not sure it can fall out, as I’ve never experienced that, but I have had a tampon get slightly out of place enough for me to take it out and replace it. For it to come out completely, I doubt it but don’t know for sure. When it happens to me, I just take that as a sign it was time to change it anyways.

  • If inserted properly, doubtful. When a tampon is completely saturated, or not inserted far enough, it is more likely to fall downward. Chances are that you will feel the tampon slipping down, which is your clue to change it. Slippage can also occur when bearing down, such as when having a bowel movement. Placement is key to keeping a tampon where you want it.

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