Question: Why do guys buy tampons?

  • Peer peer Answer
    Lora Stock
  • Mom mom Answer
    Ruth Anne Lemley answers your questions about your feminine care.
    Ruth Anne Lemley
  • Health Expert health expert Answer
    Elisabeth Morray answers your questions about your feminine care.
    Elisabeth Morray
  • If you spy a guy buying tampons or perusing the feminine care aisle, most likely he’s purchasing tampons for an important female in his life like his girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. I think that’s a step in the right direction…real men buy tampons without embarrassment! And just for fun, check out for some sillier reasons for his purchase, like the Tampon Toupee.
  • I think guys buy tampons because they are excellent fathers, brothers, boyfriends, or husbands who “get it.” They get the simple fact periods happen, and they are cool enough to help us out. Because you asked this question, it prompted me just now to ask my husband to buy me some. He seemed a bit unsure but ultimately just said, “Really? Okay, I guess so!”  So he gets thumbs up from me. Thanks for asking this. I think it helps get the conversation out there.

  • I can’t think of a reason why a guy would need to buy tampons for himself, so my guess is that when you see a man buying tampons, there is a good chance it is for his wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister! Personally, I think it is great that many men aren’t freaked out by “feminine products.” Periods are not shameful or gross – they are a normal and healthy part of a woman’s life. So, most girls wouldn’t hesitate to ask a guy to pick up a tube of toothpaste at the store for them, so why should they hesitate to ask for tampons or pads when they need them?

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