Question: Can a non-virgin use a tampon?

  • Peer peer Answer
    Mai Nguyen provides information about vaginal care.
    Laura Martin
  • Mom mom Answer
    Ruth Anne Lemley answers your questions about your feminine care.
    Ruth Anne Lemley
  • Health Expert health expert Answer
    Elisabeth Morray answers your questions about your feminine care.
    Elisabeth Morray
  • Anyone can use a tampon because they weren’t made specifically for non-virgins or virgins. They were made for both and all. To be entirely blunt, as long as you have a vagina, you can use a tampon. Tampons are for whoever prefers them over pads. Tampons can come off as intimidating for some. It did for me, but now I’m hooked on using them instead of pads just because it’s almost like they’re not there. There have been times where I’ve forgotten I’m on my period until the cramps kick in and then it’s like, “Oh yeah, I’m on my period.”

  • Yes, thank goodness! They are placed inside the vaginal canal, and whether you have had sex or not, they can come in pretty handy during your period. It is very interesting all the myths out there about tampons, and I am thankful to be on the Real Answers panel because we clear things up for girls who just have been too afraid or even ashamed to ask. Please take a look at Elisabeth’s opinion for the medical rationale.

  • Absolutely! Any woman, regardless of her age or choices about her sexual activity, can use a tampon. It’s a personal decision based on what is most comfortable for you. Some women are happy wearing pads throughout their lives, others find tampons more comfortable, and many others use both depending on the situation, their flow, or their mood. It may take you a little while to find the products that work best for you, but with a little experimentation you’ll find the right fit.


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