Question: Will the gynecologist tell your parents if you've had sex, even if you ask them not to?

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    Lora Stock
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    Ruth Anne Lemley answers your questions about your feminine care.
    Ruth Anne Lemley
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    Molly O’Shea is a health advocate here to help you with your period.
    Molly O'Shea
  • Except in cases of abuse or other extreme situations, healthcare providers keep their clients’ information confidential, so it’s extremely unlikely. That said, I want to reiterate the importance of being open and honest with your healthcare provider about sex. They are an excellent resource for questions and can provide guidance for staying healthy. Hope this helps!

  • This is a good question, but I am not going to guess at the answer. Please check out Dr. Molly’s response because she has authentic compassion and knowledge that I truly respect. As a healthcare provider, she has probably been in this type of situation before.

  • She shouldn’t tell your parents. Most states have a confidentiality law that ensures teenagers’ privacy when talking with healthcare providers about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and family planning decisions. In order for you to be open and honest with your healthcare provider, you have to have confidence that what you share privately will be kept confidential. Before you share information with your healthcare provider, feel free to ask if what you say is private and won’t be shared. If your provider reassures you that what you say is safe, then please do be honest and open. If your healthcare provider can’t assure you that the information you share will be kept confidential (unless you share life threatening information like you want to kill or hurt yourself, which any provider would need to share with your parents) then you need to find a new healthcare provider.

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