Periods & Everyday Life

Q&A: I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out and just got my period. I'm freaking out because I don't want anything to go wrong or be too high on pain killers and not be able to change my tampon. I don't want to tell my doctor if I don't have to. Help!

Wisdom teeth removal is rough, but you won’t be high enough on pain killers that it will interfere with putting in or removing your tampon. You might want to wear a pad just for the procedure itself and immediately after to make it easier for you, but you could definitely still use a tampon if you preferred. If your doctor asks about your period before the procedure, you need to fess up! It is important for them to know you aren’t pregnant since you will be getting some sedation. We are used to hearing about periods even if you aren’t used to talking about it, and know that it’s no big deal or reason for embarrassment on the medical or dental side!

I understand your concern. Going in for any procedure can be nerve-wracking, and when you add an extra element in, it just exacerbates your nerves. I would start by asking your doctor how long the procedure is going to take. Then, based on how heavy your period is, you’ll know whether you have to ask about your specific concerns. If you’re not flowing too heavy, odds are you’ll be fine just changing your pad or tampon right before you’re prepped for the procedure. Remember, you could always wear an overnight pad.

Well, considering I woke up from my wisdom teeth removal singing “My Humps,” I don’t blame you for being nervous -- those meds can do crazy things! But I think the best thing to do here is plan ahead. The actual surgery doesn’t take too long, but since you might be a little out of it for a few hours, it might be better to just wear a pad so you don’t even have to worry about it. And even if you don’t want to tell your doctor, it might be good to tell the parent or relative who is driving you. That way, if you whisper loudly to them, “Do you think I can ask them to numb these cramps, too?!” after the procedure, they will know what you’re talking about!