I want to insert a tampon, but every time I try there's a piece of skin that's blocking the hole to my vagina. I try to move it out of the way but it's uncomfortable to touch. What can I do about it?

It sounds like that obstacle, the piece of skin that’s blocking the hole of your vagina, could be your hymen. When you’re a virgin, there’s often a mucous membrane surrounding (or partially covering) your vaginal opening. This could be what’s getting in the way of your tampon, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use a tampon. My take on the matter is that you might be inserting the tampon incorrectly. The way you know your tampon is in correctly is if you can’t feel it. If you still decide to use tampons, I’d recommend the tampon tutorial on the website.
You have me wondering what that flap of skin could be and why it’s bothering you. Is it uncomfortable to touch because it hurts when you touch it or are you uncomfortable touching it because it’s where it is? That makes a difference because if it really hurts, then you need to make an appointment with a healthcare provider and have it assessed. He/she may even recommend ways to insert a tampon without stressing out.
If inserting a tampon causes pain, you are doing the right thing by not forcing it. Make sure when you are trying to insert the tampon that you have the labia (the sets of skin folds on both sides of the vagina) spread out of the way of the vaginal opening. If this doesn’t help, it is possible that the skin that you are feeling is called your hymen. The hymen is a thin tissue at the opening of the vagina that comes in different shapes. It is possible that you could have a shape that allows blood from your period to come out (a good thing) but makes inserting a tampon difficult. Don’t be afraid to look using a mirror between your legs. You might be able to see the hymen if it is there. Because this doesn’t happen very often, make an appointment to talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns and come up with a plan that works for you.
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