Feminine Protection After Pregnancy


As a mother, it's instinctual to keep your baby happy. Choosing the right post-pregnancy protection will help keep you comfortable and dry, so you can concentrate on doing just that.

Just days after childbirth, a discharge called lochia, similar to a heavy menstrual flow, begins and usually lasts two to four weeks. Since it's been months since you've even thought about feminine protection, here are a few tips to help keep you feeling fresh and keep your attention on your little one.

During the first few days after childbirth, your lochia is at its heaviest. Take it easy. Use the heavy-duty sanitary pads that the hospital gives you. Then try using Overnight Maxi Pads, both day and night. Overnight pads are the longest, most absorbent pads and give you the greatest coverage to prevent leaks.

As lochia tapers off, switch to a Regular Maxi Pad for daytime use and stick with the Overnight Maxi Pads while you sleep. After a few weeks you can switch to Ultra Thin Pads and then to Lightdays® Pantiliners. Once your period begins again, check out all the Kotex® products to find protection that's right for you. You may be surprised to find that it's different than what you used before your pregnancy.

Finally, no matter which stage of lochia you're in, remember to change your pad frequently to promote healing and provide comfort. Also, if you usually use tampons, wait to use them again until the lochia stops and your period returns. Your doctor can give you further information at your postpartum checkup on using tampons.

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