Can my daughter get her period even though she doesn't have pubic hair?


It’s possible, but not super common. If she’s experiencing her period without any other signs of puberty, though, it might be time to take her to see her healthcare professional.


High five to my fellow mom! Clearly, you have a really open relationship with your daughter and I think that’s just awesome. You’re right about pubic hair being an indicator — usually a girl’s period starts after her body starts to develop breasts, hips, and pubic hair, and often follows a growth spurt. But there are no hard and fast rules about it — it’s certainly possible that her period could start earlier. Just keep having open conversations so your daughter is informed, prepared, and isn’t scared about it. Also, if you haven’t already, give her a supply of pads and/or tampons so she’s ready when the day comes.


That would be pretty uncommon, but can happen rarely. Usually girls will have breast development and pubic hair that is pretty far along before periods come. Some ethnic groups that are less hairy in general, such as Chinese girls, may not have as much hair ever and may indeed get their period before much hair is visible. If your daughter is having her period though without pubic hair growth first, it makes sense to talk about it with her healthcare provider and make sure that everything is progressing normally.

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