If you can get pregnant during your period how come birth control pills have placebo pills during your period and do not say to use condoms during this time?

While you absolutely can get pregnant during your period, if you are taking birth control pills as prescribed for the three weeks leading up to your period, it's unlikely that you would ovulate during the week of your period. Most birth control pills have hormones that suppress ovulation, and they are made in a way that suppresses it throughout your cycle.

That said, if you're worried about pregnancy, it doesn't hurt to use a backup method! But when taken correctly, birth control pills should protect you through your entire cycle.
I remember wondering the exact same thing. From what I know about oral contraception, it's the other three weeks of pills that do most of the work releasing estrogen and preventing pregnancies -- and they're still working even during that placebo-pill-week. It might seem silly to take a pill full o' nothing every day for a week, but they're actually there just to keep you in the habit of taking one at the same time each and every day. I can't speak for you, but I can tell you from experience that having that daily reminder is pretty helpful for us forgetful types.
It is true that some women have a very short follicular phase (where the egg matures on the ovary) in their cycle. In this scenario, and the timing is just right, there is a possibility of having sex during menses and becoming pregnant shortly after if ovulation occurs within several days of the period ending. This does not happen very often, but it is a possibility.

When you are on the pill, the timing is a little different. The 5-7 days of placebo pills are not (usually) enough time for your body to respond to the fall in hormones, shed its lining (have a period) and mature a follicle (egg) before you would start your next pack of pills.

That being said, the pill is 98-99% effective in preventing pregnancy only when taken at the exact time every day all month long every month. The only 100% sure way to prevent pregnancy is to remain abstinent. Otherwise, it is still recommended to use a condom to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
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