Is it normal for the labia to be a little bit gray?

Sometimes we think of the labia as those cute little pink folds that babies have, or what we see in pictures, but this is more the exception than the rule in my experience. Depending on your coloring, your labia may range in color from pink to red to purple to grayish to brown.  As long as this is not a sudden uncomfortable/painful change, it is simply the natural coloring for your body.  Have you ever heard that no two faces in the world look exactly alike? That applies to other body parts as well!
There's a page in Nancy Redd's book, Body Drama, that's a bit shocking at first. It includes close up photos of 24 different vulvas. Once I got past my initial surprise at seeing that, it's a really interesting sight. No two of those women's vulvas look the same — they have different shapes, colors and sizes. And every single one of them is quote-unquote normal. My guess is that everything is perfectly fine with you, too. Labia come in all shades — pinks, browns... even  grays. I'm really glad you're familiarizing yourself with your own body. There is no real “normal” when it comes to a woman's vulva. We're all unique. But knowing what's normal for you means you're sure to notice if there's ever any change with your personal health. Good for you!

Since the labia can refer to several different areas of skin (we have an inner labia and outer labia), I’m not exactly sure which part you mean. But regardless, just like we all have different colored hair, eyes, and skin, the skin on and around our genitalia can look pretty different, too. I’ve been in enough women’s locker rooms to know! If you’re curious, check out pictures of other vaginas to see how much they vary. I have the book Body Drama, by Nancy Redd, and it has a whole spread of vulva pics. Seriously, not one of them is the same color, shape, or size.

The only reason you’d have reason for concern is if things changed colors suddenly, or if you have any other unusual changes. But if areas of your labia have always looked a little bit gray, I’d think that’s probably just the natural color of your skin.
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