Take Note: Your Lady Garden Shouldn't Smell Like Flowers

Girls hand holding tampon over bed of flowers

A lot of girls – myself included – worry about whether or not they smell “normal” down there. We don’t want to have any odor whatsoever, except maybe the scent of freshly cut flowers. Well, newsflash: nobody’s vagina smells like a bed of roses. In fact, if yours does that might be more worrisome than anything else.

What I want to know is where did all this fear and self-consciousness come from? What would make us think that there’s something wrong with a part of our bodies that is completely normal and natural?

In my humble opinion, it’s the result of the absurd messages that we get every day. We see skinny women on TV and think that’s how we’re supposed to look. We see perfectly airbrushed skin in magazines and wonder why our pores aren’t invisible. We see products like floral-scented feminine douches and get the idea that how we smell naturally must not be okay. Then there’s the way that a lot of people joke about vaginas; they toss around lewd nicknames like “tuna taco” and “fish factory.” And that’s not even the worst of ‘em.

All of this stuff used to have me really freaked out about whether or not my lady parts were up to par. But in recent years, it’s something that I really don’t worry about anymore. Because the older you get, the more accepting you become of yourself and your body. Plus, I’ve had plenty of talks with my female friends and my OBGYN about what is “normal.” And it turns out I’m totally fine, from head to toe and everywhere in between.

It turns out, vaginas are supposed to have an odor. When you’re menstruating, it might be a little fishy. When you aren’t on your period, you’ll still have a slight odor and everyone’s is different. The only time to be worried is if you smell something that isn’t normal for YOU.

For example, if you’re not menstruating but have a really strong fishy odor that’s unusual for you, you might have Bacterial Vaginosis – which is kind of like a yeast infection and is easily treated by your doctor. But unless you’ve got something to be medically concerned about, don’t sweat it.

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