Why does every one say you have to wear 100% cotton underwear or you will get yeast infections? Is this true?

Yeast tends to do well in damp areas. Some types of fabric don't breathe very well and can trap sweat or wetness close to your vagina, increasing the chances of an infection. But wearing 100 percent cotton underwear will help keep your vagina dry, which decreases the likelihood that yeast is going to throw a party down there. That said, wearing another type of underwear sometimes doesn't mean an automatic yeast infection (and wearing cotton all the time doesn't mean you'll never get one). But I aim to wear cotton most of the time (and I skip undies at night altogether!) to give my vagina a little fresh air.
It's actually pretty solid advice for helping to prevent yeast infections, but there's more to the story. There's no guarantee that you'll never get a yeast infection if you only wear 100% cotton underwear, just as there's no guarantee you WILL get one if you don't. But cotton does help because cotton fabrics "breathe" and allow air to circulate. And because yeast typically grows in damp, moist areas, it's best to have breathable underwear to prevent that growth. But even a cotton panel in the crotch of your underwear can help.
This is sort of true. Yeast overgrows in a warm, moist environment. Cotton underwear breathes well and prevents moisture from getting trapped and so it decreases the chance that you'd get a yeast infection since you wouldn't be as moist down there. It isn't a guarantee that if you wore a synthetic panty that you'd get a yeast infection, of course, but they tend to trap heat and moisture more than cotton ones do so you're at greater risk. Almost all panties have a cotton liner to help minimize the risk. Wearing tight pants like super skinny jeans will also increase the yeast infection risk, too, because heat and moisture will get trapped without any space for air movement, so keep that in mind as well.
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