Periods & Everyday Life

Q&A: Can you have sex while you are on your period?

Yes. You can do whatever you are comfortable with while on your period. Be aware that you can still get pregnant while on your period, so make sure you use appropriate birth control and protection. For many, libido or sex drive increases during menses, for others having sex is the last thing on their mind. The decision is up to you. Things may be a bit messy if you are bleeding heavily, so be creative, possibly enjoy time in the shower together. Explore your options and choose to do what makes you happy!
Yes, you can have sex when you are on period but, like everything else involving your period, you might want to be prepared. That preparation should include: telling your partner (in case he sees blood, which he probably doesn't usually see when you have sex), taking out your tampon (if you use tampons), and laying a towel on the bed or having one handy (it could be messy). I'm not even going to ask if you are using some kind of protection .Ok, there, I just asked. And I hope you are. Because, just like you can still have sex, you can also still get pregnant when you're having your period.

Great question. Although it will be messy (and may cause a small crime scene on your sheets) you most definitely can have sex during your period. It can even help with cramps and improve the period blues. That being said, having your period is not a free pass to have unsafe sex. You’re actually more vulnerable to STDs and pregnancy is still very much a concern. Respect your body and stay safe out there!