Question: Are you supposed to leak a couple of days after your period?

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  • “Leaking” or “spotting” for a few days at the end of your period is a normal part of the process. Some girls spot for a few days at the beginning of their period, and others start with heavy flow. The heavier menstrual flow typically lasts a few days, and then most women experience at least a few days of lighter flow at the end of their period as it “tapers off”. You may notice that the blood is brown or tan, rather than bright red, during the end of your period. Typically you can switch to a less absorbent tampon or pad during this time, or some women choose to use just a panty liner.
  • That really isn’t leakage – it is the last remnants of your period, the final flings of your uterine lining being cast off. Usually it’s not enough to warrant a super tampon or heavier pad, but just enough to do damage if you aren’t wearing some form of panty protection.
  • This leak you're experiencing might be spotting. Spotting occurs both before and after a period and I consider it to be probably the most annoying thing about a period. Whenever I'm spotting, I'm thinking, "Seriously? Just bleed or don't bleed, because this whole half-bleeding thing isn't really making my day." For these days, use a panty liner or a lighter pad or tampon. You want to have something there just in case, because wet panties aren't anything to cheer about.

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