Question: It looks like a tampon won't fit. Should it look like that, or does your vagina just stretch?

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    Leah Sipher-Mann, one of our health advocates, offers peer support for your period.
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  • You know, I've definitely looked at my vagina and thought, "There is no way a tampon is going in there -- much less a baby come OUT!" But our vaginas are pretty amazing things, and they can stretch to accommodate tampons, penises, and babies! It might not be super comfortable the first time you try it, but your vagina will absolutely stretch to fit a tampon. To make it easier, try using the slimmest tampon you have the first few times you insert one.

  • I agree, when I saw tampons for the first time I thought the exact same thing. Yes, vaginas do stretch. It allows moms like me to have 9.8-pound babies. So, with that information, just take your time and start with the smallest one when you are ready to give it a try. Check out this video that walks you through it. <<LINK TO>>

  • The vagina is an amazing thing! You wouldn’t think a baby’s head and body would fit through there either and for many women it does without even tearing a little. Soooo the good news is that even though it seems big, a tampon will fit, comfortably, in your vagina because your vagina can stretch a lot.

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