Question: I wear my panties for at least 2 days. Now, no matter how much I wipe, my underwear is somehow always dirty. How can I prevent my underwear from becoming soiled so quickly?

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    Laura Martin
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    Ruth Anne Lemley
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    Molly O'Shea
  • I’ve been recommending wet wipes to everyone in any situation mostly because I love them but also because they’re effective and do the job perfectly. The nice thing about wet wipes is they go beyond just wiping, they freshen up too. I can’t promise that’ll they’ll help keep your underwear from becoming soiled so quickly, but they’re definitely worth a try. And I think it’s time to start changing your panties every day. That’ll at least give you the opportunity to go on a panties shopping spree.

  • Consider changing this 2-day habit. Panty changes on a daily basis keep things clean down there. Consider the fact your vagina is producing various types of discharge daily (not to mention your period time) so your panties become a catch-all for it. If it is an issue of not being able to do laundry right away, you can hand wash panties and have them air dry. You should notice an immediate difference with the clean factor. One last note, if you a lot of discharge, you can use a light panty liner.

  • First of all, as a mom: CHANGE YOUR PANTIES! No matter how clean you think you are, your private parts make all sorts of mucus and goopy stuff which trickles out of the vagina and will dirty your panties. Plus, bacteria in that area will have a really good place to grow if those panties don’t get changed every day. If changing your panties isn’t an option, use liners every day, which you can change every 4-8 hours, and that way the gunk that accumulates will get tossed in the trash and your panties will be clean as a whistle.

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