Question: How can I stop my period for a week of vacation?

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    Jamie Villarreal
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    Maggie Vink
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    Sandy Knauf
  • Ah, yes. Periods and vacations can be a totally annoying combination! I have in the past skipped my placebo week on my birth control pills in order to skip my period if I have an event or vacation coming up, but that was after my doctor gave me the go-ahead. I think you should have a chat with your healthcare provider and see what they have to say on the whole idea.

  • What's that saying? You can't stop the rain from falling? For the most part, the same is true with your period. However, you may be able to delay your period if you're taking oral contraceptives. Many types of birth control pills have a week of pills that are just placebos (pills that don't really do anything). When you take those, you have your period. If you are on a birth control pill of that sort already, contact your healthcare provider and see if they'll give you the thumbs up for skipping that week of placebo pills.

  • The dreaded period vacation dilemma, huh? Well, if you are on the pill this is an easy fix. Instead of taking the placebo pills during the last week of your cycle and having a period, you can move directly from the third week of the pill pack and start taking the first week of the next pack. Then you can either go back to the placebo pills when your period is over or you can continue with that second pack as usual. If you are not on the pill, there is not a whole lot that you can do to halt the arrival of your period. If your calendar is correct and you end up getting your period on vacation, make sure to take plenty of supplies with you in case you can’t find exactly what you like to use at your vacation destination. Make sure to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet before you go and while you are there. These things can help you feel better so you can focus on the fun of getting away!

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