Question: What's the difference between regular discharge and discharge from an orgasm?

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    Lora Stock
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    Maggie Vink is helping change the way people talk about vaginal care.
    Maggie Vink
  • Health Expert health expert Answer
    Molly O’Shea is a health advocate here to help you with your period.
    Molly O'Shea
  • Good question, this one has me stumped (and I even spent some time poking around the Internet for some reliable info). I need to bounce this question to our health expert Molly for clarification and am really interested to hear what she has to say.

  • Honestly, I’m not sure if there is much difference between the fluids themselves. I’m going to be reading our health expert’s answer right along with you. What I do know is this: Our vaginas are self-lubricating and self-cleaning, so to speak. When your body is sexually aroused, your vagina will create moisture to prepare the body for sex. Regular vaginal discharge is just your body’s way of keeping clean. Discharge carries bacteria, dead cells or other waste products out of your body.

  • When you are aroused, your cervix makes a lot more lubricant to make sex comfortable and fun, and also to increase the chances that sperm can swim up through the cervix and find their way to an egg. This discharge is clear, and you can make a lot of it depending on how aroused you are. When you then have an orgasm and your uterus and vaginal muscles contract and release, this juicy moisture can seem to flow out in larger volumes. Regular discharge may also be clear and watery at times during your cycle but won’t be nearly as copious as it is when you’re aroused. At other times, normal vaginal discharge will be thicker and less watery, and sometimes there’s no discharge at all.

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