Question: Can a tampon fall out during a bowel movement?

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    Lora Stock
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    Maggie Vink
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    Elisabeth Morray
  • I know if you squeeze hard enough you can expel a saturated tampon solely using your pelvic floor muscles, so I imagine that this could happen. Personally, I’m a fan of removing a tampon prior to…ahem…doing your duty. I think it makes the whole experience much more comfortable. Otherwise there’s just too much going on in that general neighborhood. Hope this helps!!

  • I suppose it’s technically possible. After all, they usually tell women who are having a baby to bear down as if they’re having a bowel movement – so I assume the muscle groups are related. However, I’ve never had this happen. When I use a tampon, it stays right in place when I go to the bathroom. If you’re concerned, just make sure you have a back-up tampon ready. It’s always smart to carry a back-up just in case – and you can buy tampons packaged small enough to fit in your pocket now.

  • Yes, it is possible for your tampon to fall out during a bowel movement. Typically, this only happens when a tampon has absorbed a lot of liquid and becomes more “slippery." In these cases, it’s best to change your tampon, so if it does begin to slide out, just put in a new one. A fresh tampon is unlikely to move – you can see this for yourself if you tug gently on the string after inserting a new tampon – it should be hard to pull out!

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