Question: I wanted to know how I can sit comfortably while on my period. I always feel like stuff is leaking near my butt area and making me very uncomfortable and sticky. I can't use tampons, so I just need some ideas to help me be more comfortable.

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    Rachel Wilkerson
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    Stacey DuFord
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    Sandy Knauf
  • First, let me just tell you that this is really common! It’s definitely not a fun feeling. Still, it is something that happens with pads. Until you are able to use tampons, you can try different brands and absorbencies. Experimenting until you find one that is more comfortable is probably the way to go!

  • I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling uncomfortable. There are a lot of great products out there to make sure that you do feel comfortable, and it sounds like you might need to do a little experimentation to find out exactly what works for you. When you know you’re going to be sitting for a while, choose a pad with the highest absorbency. Also, try changing your pads more frequently to feel less sticky. You might also want to try buying some underpants that are made for female athletes. They tend to be made out of material that wicks moisture away from your body and may help reduce the overall sticky feeling while on your period.


  • Keeping comfortable is a must during your period! And don’t worry, there are some simple fixes to your problem. Let’s focus on the “flow” – literally. Blood is a liquid, and by nature it will run until it is absorbed, so focus on these next few steps and I think you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. The first thing to do is make sure your underwear fits well. Loose fitting underwear will not hold your pad close to your body and will allow the menstrual blood to flow either forward, backward, or sideways until it is absorbed (hopefully by your pad). When speaking of direction, gravity has a lot to do with which direction that flow will head, so be sure to be sitting up nice and tall not slumped back in your chair. Be sure to have your pad centered in your underwear, and when putting it on, press gently toward your body to make sure you’ve got a good fit. Change your pad about every four hours for the best protection and cleanliness. One other thing to try is another type of pad. Try a few different brands and styles to see which one you feels most comfortable. These are just a few things that I have found that help me get the most comfort and protection from pads. Share your ideas with your mom and even your friends. They might have their own tips, or you might be able to help someone else out, too!

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