Full Size Tampon Applicator:
 U by Kotex Click® Regular Tampons Regular


Go from compact to full-sized protection in one easy move. When it clicks, it’s ready to insert. Perfect for when you want to carry a spare in your pocket.

Regular Absorbency Chart
  • It’s smooth. Smooth tip so insertion
    is quick and easy.

  • It's small. Designed small, protects big.

  • It protects. Expands all around so
    you’re fully covered.

  • It’s simple. Pull until you hear it
    Click into place.

  • It's colorful. Three fearless colors
    in every absorbency.

Click Tampons with Applicator
U by Kotex Tampons Regular Package
Click Demo Diary Video
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Laura998 I love how I can put it in my pocket and sneak away to the bathroom in class with out anyone noticing!
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