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Get this: Over three-quarters of girls feel like they shouldn’t talk about their vagina or vaginal health in general. More than half of girls say that most girls their age are misinformed about vaginal health.

What is this, the 1950s? Even though we’re living in the 21st century, it’s easy to have negative feelings about our bodies when society is busy building myths and treating vaginas like some crazy big secret.

Get with Generation Know

With Generation Know*, we’re working to put an end to all of that by bringing girls together to drive real social change about one of the most important aspects of being a girl. We believe that when girls have a shared voice, the myths, misinformation and embarrassment lose power. And truth, pride and facts gain strength.

How can you help make real social change?

Join in on one of our projects. These four girls are on the front lines of changing the way we talk about our bodies and need you to add your voice.

Break the Silence

  conversations started
Why do we feel it's not okay to talk about our periods or our vaginas? Join Kat on her mission to end the taboo. All it takes is one question.
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Break the Silence

Bust a Myth

  myths busted
Whether they're dangerous or just silly, it's time to end the myths and misinformation. Join Hillary-Anne and help get the real facts out there.
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Bust a Myth

Change the Message

  notes written
What's with all the messages that spread confusion and insecurity when it comes to our lady parts? Join Aline Sibomana and write a note to the next generation of girls so they'll know what's really up.
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Change the Message

Spread the Word

  facts shared
Amber is working with Girls for a Change to make sure girls learn more than just "the basics" about their bodies. Join her and make a difference in your community.
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Spread the Word

Get the Facts

Generation Know* is all about getting the facts about your body. Ask a question below to get the real scoop from our Real Answers Team.

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Show you know

We asked. You answered.

U by Kotex® brand asked girls all over North America to weigh in on all things vagina. Think that you’re the only one afraid to say vagina? The results might surprise you.
  • 56%

    of girls say most girls their age are misinformed about vaginal health.
  • 51%

    of girls say it’s hard to separate the myths from the facts when it comes to vaginal health.
  • 63%

    of girls say they didn’t learn enough about vaginal health in school.
  • Nearly

    7 IN 10

    girls (69%) agree that saying the word “vagina” is looked down upon by society.
  • 63%

    of girls don’t know how to start a conversation about vaginal health.
  • 54%

    of girls say they feel empowered to make a difference in the way the next generation talks about vaginal health issues.

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The more we know, the better off we are. Find out everything women and girls like you had to say about vagina health issues and more.
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