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Click® Compact Tampons, Super

U by Kotex® Click® Tampons are comfortably compact with powerful protection.  Try them and see why women believe the #1 compact tampon is more comfortable than Tampax*.  Click® Tampons go from compact to full-sized protection in one quick move. When you hear the 'click', it’s ready to go. 

*Click® Super vs Tampax Pocket Pearl Super Absorbency

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● U by Kotex® Click® tampons are the #1 Compact Tampon, chosen by women every 1.9 seconds
● More Comfortable than Tampax*
● Up to 100% leak free protection
● Capture and absorb fluid for powerful period protection in every direction
● Designed for comfort, click tampons have a smooth tip for quick, easy and comfortable insertion
● Unscented tampon expands and moves with you for full coverage, helping to prevent leaks
● Small and compact to discreetly carry in your purse or pocket; transforms into full-sized tampon in one easy step
● Pocket-sized and perfect to fit your lifestyle!
● U by Kotex® feminine products are now FSA, HSA and HRA-eligible in the U.S.

*Click® Super vs Tampax Pocket Pearl Super Absorbency

Dispose in a trash receptacle. DO NOT FLUSH tampon, applicator, or wrapper.

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Your body, your rules. We put your comfort and wellbeing first. That’s why each pad, liner and tampon contains safe materials that you can trust and feel good about. Every single ingredient is reviewed and approved by our board certified safety experts.

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