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Our History

U by Kotex® is a brand that offers a wide range of unique, colorful and bold feminine hygiene products for all your period needs – including Sleek and Click Tampons, CleanWear Ultra Thin Pads, Security and Overnight Maxis, Lightdays Liners, Tween Pads and Wipes. We’re owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a consumer products corporation active in more than 80 countries.

Our Story

We try to help take care of the big and small things when we can. Exposing the failures in period products you’ve been enduring and enabling you to experience the difference between an easier, more manageable period, and an awful period where your products don’t perform as promised.

Our Point of View

It’s not my Period

For too long, a woman’s period has been used to explain her behaviour, whether she’s actually on her period or not. Bitchy, irrational, emotional, hysterical are all words that have been used to describe a woman “on her period.”

Every time a period is used to explain a woman’s behavior, it invalidates what she thinks and feels. Sadly, this is perpetrated by both men and women alike, and even occurs when she is not actually on her period. Just like that, her confidence is shattered as she second guesses herself and ultimately shies away from what makes her, her.

Periods don’t define women, women do. Periods are a natural, healthy part of being a woman. It’s time we start treating them that way. Yes, women might not always feel at their best on their periods. But no woman’s attitudes, emotions or opinions should ever be discredited as being the result of that “time of the month.”

Simply put. Women deserve better.

U by Kotex believes that every woman has the right to express herself and behave in a way that is true to her, and not be held back by false perceptions linked to her period and we will do everything we can to bring this discussion out into the open and champion this cause for all women.

So the next time a woman has something to say or acts a certain way, remember this: it’s her emotion, ambition, courage, passion, point of view. It is not her period.

Our Personality

We are always realistic and truthful. We respect you and understand what you go through with your periods. That’s why we never over promise and are always straight forward with what we can and can’t deliver. We try to avoid using category stereotypes and anything else the category considers standard if that doesn’t reflect the reality of your life.

Our Language

We tell it like it is. We are witty, smart, sassy and humorous. We speak about periods and period products the same way you do. We speak your language and always encourage your POV. We are not serious and would never speak to you authoritatively.

Our Goal

We want you to experience an unexpected sense of relief from the failures of tampons, pads, or liners. We want you to feel comfortable enough to create your own dialogue, question your current experience and be motivated to act differently. We will never do anything to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.