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Q&A: Why is my sex drive up during my period?

Just as you may find that your mood fluctuates throughout your menstrual cycle, you may be one of the many women who notices that their sex drives (or “libido”) shift over the course of their cycles. The reasons for increased libido are complex, and most likely involve an interplay of hormonal shifts, emotional states, and thoughts. For instance, some women report that they feel more sexual when they are on their period because they feel that the likelihood of a pregnancy resulting from intercourse is decreased (though remember, getting pregnant is still possible, even when you are on your period!) Other women feel more emotional during their period, and find that sexual activity is a natural outlet for this energy. Still others find that having an orgasm helps relieve their period-related cramps and body aches!

If you are sexually active while you have your period, just remember to take all the precautions against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that would you would at any other time of the month. Choosing to have sex while you are on your period is a matter of personal preference – and as long as you and your partner are comfortable with your choice and practice safe sex practices, you can enjoy sexual intimacy at any time of the month.
My guess is hormones, but I am going to defer to Elisabeth on this one. She has all the medical knowledge to give you the best information. As women, we are all uniquely wired so although this is not the case with me, I have heard other friends tell me the same thing. I am interested in hearing the medical behind the scenes story as to the why it occurs.
I’ll be honest: As many times as it’s been explained to me, I still don’t have the science behind period-related hormonal changes nailed down quite yet. But what I do know is that hormones change during the course of your cycle. And they can change pretty drastically. That’s why some girls and women experience PMS and other hormonally driven mood changes before and during their periods. Since hormones can definitely have an impact on sex drive (both positively and negatively), it makes total sense that you could experience a higher sex drive during your period. As long as you’re not expressing that urge in unsafe ways, like having unprotected sex, it’s definitely nothing to be concerned about.