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Hannah Smart

Hannah Smart - U by Kotex® period expert

Don't ever be embarrassed to ask questions.

Hannah Smart is a freelance copywriter in NYC – but that’s just her daytime gig. She’s also a Harry Potter aficionado; a Netflix junkie; and completely obsessed with her adorable, sweater-wearing dog. Best of all, she’s one of the most honest and open people you’ll ever met.  So go ahead, ask her anything.

There is a monkey in my brain: 

Huh? Hannah told us that she saw “a hilarious web comic on Wait But Why that perfectly illustrates why procrastinators procrastinate.” Because of the instant gratification monkey, obviously. “The monkey told me to watch YouTube videos of kittens and read web comics instead of doing my work.”

Girl power: 

In Hannah’s opinion, “Women are often trained to hate on each other or feel competitive. Even I fall into that trap. But women are amazing. The most important bonds I’ve made in life are with my girlfriends. Girl power ain’t a joke!””

No filter: 

“I think I’m missing the part of your brain that filters stuff into the TMI category.” It can be a little shocking but she says her friends appreciate it. “They can always come to me without feeling embarrassed. Sex? Periods? Nothing weirds me out.”

Life lessons learned: 

“It took me 26 years to learn something really simple: I’m okay. Sure, I’d love to lose that 15 pounds I gained post break-up. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I wish I had cooler hobbies than crossword puzzles. But for better or worse, this is who I am. And that’s okay.”