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Jamie Villarreal

Jamie Villarreal - U by Kotex® period expert

You never know who you can inspire when you put something out there.

Born and raised on the south side, Jamie Villarreal calls herself "a Chicago girl through and through." Currently gearing up to go back to school to pursue a degree in communications, Jamie writes about her passions on her blog, Oh! How Lovely!

Why this is so important to her: "When I was young, my mom handled the topic of periods by throwing a pamphlet my way. I think it is incredibly important to completely understand what is happening to you at that age. Being prepared and not being afraid to ask questions are something I wish I had."

On empowering women and girls: "As a blogger, I feel writing can be very empowering. You never know who you can inspire when you put something out there for all to see."

What excites her about this program: Jamie is looking forward to learning from the other panelists and from the young women who visit the site. "I feel we all have a lot to share and teach each other."

The best advice she's ever received: "Never be afraid to fail. Failure is no reason to give up. It's a learning experience."

The way to her heart: "Etsy, mac and cheese, slouchy berets and wine with pretty labels."

When she's not helping empower young women: You can usually find Jamie behind a good book, running around with her adorable Corgi puppy, Edie, or writing on her blog, Oh! How Lovely