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Leah Sipher-Mann

Leah Sipher-Mann - U by Kotex® period expert

I truly believe in the idea of paying it forward.

Leah Sipher-Mann has her finger on the pulse of young women's issues. When she's not helping people talking openly about periods and vaginas on social media, Leah is blogging about the constantly changing landscape of fitness and nutrition.

Why she wants to make a difference: Leah believes every girl should have tons of resources for learning about their bodies. “Nobody should ever feel like she has no where to turn. I want to help give girls an outlet and a voice, so they never feel alone or lost.”

Personal passion: Leah writes a blog about health, nutrition and fitness at "I’m addicted to food blogs! I can spend hours browsing recipes to get inspiration for healthy dishes. I’m also happy I get to be a part of people’s decisions to live a healthier life.”

When she’s not working: You can find Leah cooking up a storm (“Soups are one my favorite things to make”), working out, trying new restaurants, or watching TV on the Internet (“The only way to watch TV!”).

Achieving goals: Leah has been known to run a backyard boot camp for friends. "I love helping people meet their goals and pushing them past what they thought were their limits.”