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When is the time to use a panty liner? I never know.

Get advice from others on when to use panty liners.

Some women choose to wear a panty liner every single day. Others never use them. It’s an issue of personal preference. It is normal to experience vaginal discharge throughout your cycle. You bleed during your period, and you may have also noticed a white or yellowish discharge at other times of the month. You can choose to wear a liner during those times of the month to keep your panties “cleaner” throughout the day. You might also wear one when you think your period is on its way, or if you spot at the end of your period.
The first time I started using panty liners was when I became irritated that my underwear was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I was about 11 at the time and my period came when I was 12 so it seemed to be a pre-cursor to getting my period. Your vagina naturally produces discharge to keep itself moist. The short answer is this: wear a panty liner when you know your body well enough to know that you’re producing discharge. For me, it was a comfort thing, but you certainly can begin wearing them in advance of getting your period. My advice is to keep a chart of when this happens since you’ll find that it may happen very close to your period.
Sometimes the choices in the period aisle can get overwhelming right? There is just a lot to choose from and at times, you can just be like “Why do I even need this?!”. The great thing about panty liners is that you can use them at different times in your period. Well, I do at least! When I know my period is coming, I wear a panty liner so it just doesn’t surprise me and I’m unprepared. On heavier days, I’ll wear a panty liner with my tampon because leaks are no fun. And then when my period is almost over and a pad or tampon feels like too much for such a light flow, panty liner to the rescue. Panty liners rock because they help save you from those could be embarrassing accidents!

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