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Q&A: Why does my vagina get itchy everywhere when I'm on my period?

Likely a change in your vaginal PH is the cause. Hormonal changes alter vaginal PH at different stages of your cycle and when you are pregnant. Of course we have to consider infection as a possible cause as well. Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and STDs can all contribute to vaginal itching. Assure a visit to your healthcare provider for the correct diagnosis. That said, let’s address a few simple preventative measures. Always wipe front to back. Change your pad and/or tampon frequently. Frequently means every few hours or whenever it is soiled. Menstrual blood sitting on a pad can provide a warm moist area for bacteria and yeast to grow. Also assure you use the pad or tampon with the right amount of absorbency for the flow you are experiencing.

While I do use tampons sometimes, I prefer to wear pads. Sometimes, especially near the end of my period, I have some itchy issues, too. Make sure you change your pad or tampon regularly and clean your vulva (the external area) with mild soap and water. You may also want to avoid potential irritants such as scented cleansing wipes or scented pads/tampons. There are other causes of vaginal itching such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. If the itching continues beyond your period, make an appointment with your healthcare professional.

Us chicks sure like to multitask! So much so that even our bodies seem to have a lot going on all at once! There aren’t many girls who haven’t been itchy down there at one time or another and there are a lot of possible reasons for the discomfort. I know that around my period I am more susceptible to yeast infections but as I said, that’s one of many possible scenarios. Let’s see what our Health Expert has to say about it.