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Q&A: Is it possible to put a tampon in the wrong hole?

While it is not impossible, I would say pretty unlikely. Tampons are made to slide easily into the vagina. Your three holes from front to back are the urethra, the vagina and the anus. Your urethral opening (the one you pee out of) is quite small and would be very painful to insert even the smallest tampon into. Your anus (the opening where you have bowel movements – poop) has a tight band of muscles that need to be relaxed and would make inserting a tampon difficult and probably uncomfortable as well. So, I think without major pain or difficulty you are probably inserting your tampon in the right place!

I would have to say no, it is not possible. When you are going to put in a tampon you might notice three holes. The first, which is the smallest, is your urethral opening (where pee comes out of), which is not where the tampon goes or would even fit in the first place. The second hole is your target; this is actually your vaginal opening where the tampon will fit. The third is your anus, where you definitely do not want to put a tampon, but I am confident that you can spot the difference. If the tampons that you choose hurt or come out dry, then it might just mean that it’s the tampon, not you. This means you just need a smaller, less absorbent tampon.

There is more than one hole down there, but it’s pretty unlikely you would mix them up. I totally had the same fear when I first started using tampons. We have a great video on our website that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly use a tampon. that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to properly use a tampon. Also, take a look at our article, “The (Amazing) Science Behind Periods” there’s a bit of an anatomy lesson in there for you that may help as well!