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Q&A: Do you think it's okay to go swimming without a tampon?

Well, it’s time to confess. I have done this before! Some experts think that the pressure of the water on the outside of the vaginal opening prevents any leaking while you are in the water… but I worry about what happens when you get out of the pool or if you have any clotting? If you are bleeding actively while on your period, I probably wouldn’t recommend it for two reasons: the possibility of embarrassment and the possibility of your blood getting in the water where others are swimming. Maybe if you are only spotting and not really having any significant blood flow this could work well, but otherwise I recommend using a tampon or the menstrual cup for swimming.

Only if you aren’t on your period. From my own experience I know it seemed like my period would stop when I went swimming (I know because I used to put a fresh tampon in before I went swimming and then change it immediately after for no apparent reason), but I’d hate to have even one incident. Not the kind of summer swimming memory I’d want.

You know what? I’m actually not sure what happens when you go swimming without a tampon. I’ve actually been too nervous and intimidated to find out. I’ve always assumed that there’s the possibility that a little blood might come out, but I’m not at all sure if that would actually happen. Swimming while on your period and without a tampon comes with the risk that you might bleed in the water, but if you’re willing to see past that, there isn’t anything health-wise holding you back. Unfortunately, if you’re uncomfortable using tampons and have a pool party coming up, I’m not sure what to suggest as far as an alternative for tampons. Maybe one day they’ll come out with a swimsuit that doesn’t require either a pad or a tampon. Wouldn’t that be great?