Q&A: Do your breasts stop growing when you get your period? Mine are still REALLY small and I got my period last year.

Good news! Your breasts continue to grow after you start having periods. Breast size is in part determined by hormones during puberty (which continue for about two years after you start your period) and by your weight. Most girls aren’t at their “adult” weight until a few years after their first period, and as a result breast development will continue. Pregnancy and breast feeding later in life also affect breast size, but those aren’t on the short-term horizon for you I hope!

I’ve heard that as well, but don’t know if it’s true or not. My breasts continued to grow until I was in college, but I don’t know if I’m typical. I’m curious what Dr. Molly has to say about this. Though, even if there are “rules” about when your breasts stop growing, there are always people who fall outside the rules.

Everyone is different when it comes to puberty and development, but the majority of my girlfriends continued to develop well into their teenage years and 20s.  And before you go gaga for tatas, remember there are a lot of small-breasted babes out there who prove bigger isn’t always better. Just check out this New York Post gallery!