Author Bio

Conny Coon

Conny Coon - U by Kotex® period expert

Every girl deserves to have a resource to talk openly.

Mom to:
Two daughters (one tween and one teen).


Her passions:
“I’m passionate about words, books, good writing and music. But I’m also passionate about raising my two daughters to be strong, independent, tolerant women who think critically about the world.”


Book worm:
Conny not only appreciates a good book, she’s also in the process of publishing her own; an anti-bullying book for teens and tweens.


Why this cause is so important to her:
Girls are often taught to act like ‘ladies,’ to sit quietly and not be too aggressive. It’s time that this generation of females stands up and speaks out. I believe girls should work toward being a force for positive change in the world.”


Her advice:
Conny thinks all girls should feel comfortable just being themselves. “Instead of trying to be like someone else, find ways to be the best you that you can be.”