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Jordan Miller

Talking openly is the first step toward making a change.

Meet the first Community Leader for U by Kotex*: Jordan Miller. You’ll see her on this site getting you talking and finding answers to your questions. She’s also out there perusing the Web, finding new videos, information and stories that will help us all put a stop to misinformation and shame.

She’s got your back: If you’ve got a question on anything that involves menstruation or vaginal health — from tampon how-tos to cycle drama — Jordan’s got your back.

Her job is to socialize: Jordan spends more time on Facebook™, TwitterSM and YouTube™ — on behalf of U by Kotex* — than she does eating (and that includes at least three square meals a day). She sometimes makes her way out in the blogosphere too. So if you see her, make sure to say “Hi!”

Other places you might see her byline: Jordan has been a professional writer since she was 19. Her work has been featured all over the place, from the Chicago Tribune and USA Today to FOUND Magazine and National Public Radio’s “This American Life.”

Fueling her passion: “I have the coolest job ever! I get to be a part of a mission that I believe in; to help girls talk openly and honestly, get answers to their questions, and bust the same myths that drive all women crazy, including me. Plus, how many people get paid to be on Facebook? How awesome is that?”

No more tampon “sleeving”: “After working on this project for three weeks, I got my period. When I got up from my desk to go to the bathroom, I didn’t tuck my tampon into my sleeve like I used to. Sure, I stuck it in my back pocket, but I didn’t worry about whether anyone would see me. I realized, if this simple act changed my attitude – and I’ve been at this period thing for a while – I could only imagine how much good it’s going to do for girls who are just starting. Even small changes in your behavior (not hiding your tampon, for one) can make a big impact on how you feel about yourself and your period.”

She doesn’t sleep: Okay, she really does. But somehow, she miraculously finds time to also blog, edit her own zine, and record a podcast, “Radio Free Bemidji,” with her 5-year-old son.

She’s a fan of: Swimming, sesame bagels, cowboy boots, cooking big dinners, vintage jewelry, reading, taking walks and, most of all, her family.

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