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Kelly Wickham

Kelly Wickham - U by Kotex® period expert

Keep a positive outlook and find the funny in nearly everything.

Kelly Wickham is an Academic Assistant Principal to about 400 high school students. Hence, she acts as a role model for young women every day.

Mom to: four - two of each gender.

Considers herself a health expert: Kelly is an advocate for taking preventive measures and listening to one's body. She recently discovered she's lactose intolerant, transforming her into a mourner of ice cream.

Shocking revelation around first periods: Her entire family celebrated her entry into womanhood, so she was shocked to find so much shame around such a marked transition.

How she stays upbeat: People think she's funny, especially her mother, and she keeps a positive outlook by continuing to find "the funny in nearly everything."

Other cool places she writes: Manages her own blog (, co-host for the blog BackTalk which concentrates on parenting and family and contributor to Blog Her's Fashion & Beauty Hacks column

Dream project: "Someday, I'm going to write a book proposal for my stories about Allen, my favorite janitor in the whole wide world. He became a mentor, a teacher, and a great friend to me."

Worst advice she was ever given: Because she was a teen mother, her high school guidance counselor tried advising her into not going to college and instead opting for a stereotypical female profession. Now that she has her Master's Degree, she's looking forward to the day she can tell that counselor how wrong she was!

Additional passions: Reading, cooking, watching good movies, music, travel, writing, dancing and exercising.