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Molly O’Shea

Molly O'Shea - U by Kotex® period expert

I'm a real talker about periods, self esteem and women's issues.

Dr. Molly, as she's known to her patients, has been a pediatrician in private practice for the last two decades, and started the first collaborative pediatric after-hours clinic in Oakland County, Michigan. Three days a week, Dr. Molly writes the Ask the Pediatrician column for the Detroit News, and has been voted one of "5 Top Docs in Pediatrics" by her Detroit area peers six times.


How she's helping foster healthy dialogue: 

At work, Dr. Molly encourages healthy relationships between parents and daughters. She also urges girls to only be with boyfriends who treat them well. She tries to help girls see that beauty equals feeling good about yourself, and to help their moms see that being honest, but also setting limits, can help their daughters be the best they can be.


Who inspires her: 

"My grandma was a huge inspiration for me. She was raised in an era where few women even went to college and she not only finished college, but was a poet, wife, mother and grandmother with success in all areas of her life.”


How she inspires: 

Dr. Molly lets girls who are interested in becoming doctors shadow her at work. She wants to help all of her patients grow: "Seeing the poor self esteem in many girls inspires me to help them find their beauty."


The best advice she's ever received: 

"Be yourself. Love yourself. Not everyone is going to like you, and that's okay. Trying to make someone like you might work in the short run, but not in the long run, so don't do it."


Somehow she finds time to fuel her other passions: Hanging out with her children, cooking, knitting, running, swimming and writing.