Author Bio

Rachel Wilkerson

Rachel Wilkerson - U by Kotex® period expert

We should be able to talk about our bodies.

Rachel Wilkerson is all about engaging with people, whether it’s through fitness coaching, blogging, or building communities via social media. She loves how the Internet helps bring her message to a larger audience.


Who inspires her: 

Rachel finds role models in women who challenge the status quo. “It takes a brave woman to do things her own way and achieve success. I’m inspired by women who challenge things that need to be challenged, say things other people are afraid to say, and pursue their dreams.”


Her take on body image: 

“I want to help young women realize that their bodies are their bodies – and a part of who they are. We should love our bodies and be able to talk – even laugh – about them.”


Healthy inside and out: 

“After losing 70 pounds, I became a certified personal trainer and started a blog about health and wellness. I love talking fitness and food.”


Mom knows best: 

The best advice Rachel ever got was from her mom, who told her, “You should be a writer.”


How she keeps busy: 

For her day job, Rachel keeps up with social media for a startup website. In her free time, you can find her reading about history and anthropology, or watching nature documentaries.


Why this is so important to her: 

“We’re challenging the long-held belief that periods are something to be ashamed of or hide.”