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Ruth Anne Lemley

Ruth Anne Lemley - U by Kotex® period expert

Bring the 'Big Period' conversation out into the open!

Ruth Anne Lemley admits she's no medical professional schooled in women's health, but she's a real-world woman who's had some real-world period dilemmas as a preteen and as a grown adult. She thinks it's amazing to be part of a movement that is so freeing.


Mom to: 

A daughter in college, and two teens – a daughter and a son.


Why this is so important to her: 

"I recall the needless worry I have had throughout my life that could have been avoided by simply asking someone I trusted the question."


What she hopes to accomplish: 

To bring the "BIG PERIOD" conversation out in the open and help foster huge sighs of relief from girls across the country.


What she does when she's not helping with this cause: 

Helps people find the perfect job by talking to them about their hopes, dreams and family.


Shocking revelation around first periods: 

Her sixth grade friend told her it would feel like going to the bathroom, but you can't stop. "I was terrified that I would not be able to focus on school if I felt like I was peeing my pants all day!"


How she stays in tune with her kids: 

"I listen to them, no matter what they have to say. It’s a privilege that they can come to me, so my heart wants to help them out in the moment."


How she celebrates a personal win: 

"I jump up and down when no one is looking!"