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Will taking a bath while on your period hurt you?


No. In fact, it just may help. The warmth of the water may help relieve any muscle tension that is causing cramps. A warm bath can also be comforting, especially if you are having any anxiety or feeling stressed out during your period. Plus, taking a bath can make you just feel extra clean. I would recommend that during your bath, you avoid any scented bath gels or soaps, as these can cause irritation to the vaginal and urinary tract.


No, it will not. It all comes down to your personal preference. I remember one of my college roommates would under no circumstances consider ever taking a bath during her period. She was shocked when I told her I did occasionally. On my first day, a nice hot bath relaxes me and helps my cramps. Whether it is a shower or bath, just check out what feels best for you and know you are in no way “hurting” your body.


Not at all! I usually find it feels better. I lovelovelove hot showers or baths as it is, but I feel that when I’m on my period and might have cramps, it is actually very soothing to me. I say get a bottle of bubble bath (10 bonus points if it smells yummy!), dump it in the tub with you, grab a good book, and enjoy!

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