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Q&A: Why do I have cramps, heavy discharge, and no period?

It is not uncommon for a period to be off schedule at some point in our lives. This can be due to stress, hormone imbalance, change in lifestyle, infection, ovulation problems, pregnancy and many other factors.  When symptoms like heavy discharge and cramping come in to play, it is important that you make an appointment to see your health care provider right away to figure out what might be going on.

Remember, not all period blood is “movie-blood- red.” I’ve had many a period that didn’t leave a bright red stain on my pad -- often it was more of a brownish/blackish smear.  If you still want to see some red, check your wipe after going to the bathroom. That action can show the true color of your period.

It may be that you’re ramping up for your period. Cramps and heavy discharge come prior to your period -- think of them as the warning letting you know to “brace yourself” and maybe save the white pants for the following week. Usually, for me, my period starts a day or two after the heavy-to-light discharge and cramps. If it’s been some time (more than just a couple of days) since the cramps and heavy discharge started and you’re still waiting for your period, I’d suggest either calling or seeing a health professional just to make sure your period is, indeed, coming. Nothing to be alarmed by, the only reason why I’m suggesting to consult a health professional is just to get an idea to whether or not you should anticipate this same thing to happen before other periods.