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Q&A: Is it normal to get a bladder infection during your period?

Simply put, no. However, there are many circumstances that can increase your risk of getting a bladder infection during your period. Bladder infections or urinary tract infections (UTI) are pretty common in women. A small tube called the urethra carries urine from the bladder to the outside world. Bacteria that lives down there anyway can easily find its way up this short tube whenever things get moved around in the vaginal area.

To prevent a UTI always wipe front to back whether you have a bowel movement or urinate. Always attempt to urinate after intercourse. Refrain from bubble baths if UTIs are recurrent. When you have your period, choose the pad or tampon with the right amount of absorbency for your flow, and be sure to change frequently or whenever it is soiled. Visit your healthcare provider if you have symptoms of a UTI such as an increase in urinary frequency, burning with urination or hesitancy.

As if having your period wasn’t enough. You poor girl! While I can’t offer any medical advice - that’s what our wonderful health care expert Michelle writes about - I can suggest you take it easy on yourself.  I rarely get bladder infections and I’m pretty sure I’ve never had  one during my period, but if it were me, I’d be doing some major rest and relaxation.

I wouldn’t say it’s normal but it definitely can happen. Bacteria cause bladder infections so when you have your period, make sure you’re changing your tampon or pad regularly. UTIs are painful and uncomfortable but can be easily treated. The sooner you talk to your doctor, the sooner you can rid of yourself of this issue! Don’t forget to check in with our Health Expert, Michelle, to see what she has to say about UTIs as well.