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Q&A: Why does it hurt to poop when you are on your period?

Along with having menstrual cramps during periods, some women and girls also get intestinal cramping due to chemicals called prostaglandins. These are produced as the estrogen and progesterone start to decline a few days before your period and last through the first few days of your period. This usually results in diarrhea, although sometimes constipation also occurs. Manage this type of period discomfort like you would uterine cramping: getting some exercise each day, drinking plenty of water, getting three servings of dairy each day, minimizing “junk” foods, using a warm water bottle or heating pad on your belly, and getting plenty of sleep. These may all help to decrease your symptoms. Sometimes, taking ibuprofen for the few days before your period begins will help. Use the dosing on the back of the bottle to make sure you are getting just enough. If none of these things are making a difference, or if you are having intense pain that keeps you from doing the things you normally would do, make an appointment with your healthcare provider to review your symptoms.

Constipation is a very common side effect of a woman’s period. You can try to eat more fiber and drink more water during your period, and you may notice less pain. If it continues, I would suggest you talk to your healthcare practitioner. And I’m sure that Sandy will have some great suggestions as well.

A lot of my friends experience constipation during their periods, and I’ve read that this is fairly common. So that’s most likely your issue. You may want to try increasing your fiber intake for some relief. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve thought of this, but I always think it’s very helpful to remove my tampon prior to doing the royal squat. Otherwise, there’s just too much going on down there for me to perform comfortably. Good luck!