Q&A: Is there any reason why my boobs aren't tender and I'm supposed to start my period in 3 days?

Great job paying attention to your body. Tender breasts are one of many PMS symptoms caused by hormonal fluctuations. These symptoms often change month to month and will vary person to person. Not all women will experience breast tenderness. If your breasts usually are tender before you start your period, and they are not now, be happy your body is skipping this symptom. Periods may change month to month for no reason at all. However, there may be reasons, such as stress (physical or emotional), or pregnancy (this by no means indicates your pregnant). Monitor you periods for now. A period without breast tenderness is welcome. If you have concerns or you do not start your period soon, you can always contact your healthcare provider.

There is no specific reason. The cool thing is we are all unique and you are one of the lucky ones not to have the breast tenderness right now. It is interesting, each of us go through different issues with our period, some more than others. I am guessing some of your friends do have that side effect before their periods. It is a good thing that you are chatting up symptoms. For me it brings me comfort if I can call up my buddy Diana and blurt out, “My cramps are killing me today!” She listens and then shares with me her latest period sob story and we just laugh and know we are in this together.

I think everyone’s symptoms are different when it comes to their periods. My breasts don’t get very tender but I have some serious bloat happening when I’m going to get my period. I used to just get killer cramps, but those have kind of died down. So I think it’s different for everyone. I don’t think there is a certain set of things that need to happen when you’re getting your period, so don’t worry about it!