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Question :

How do I get the tampon out without a string?

It is possible to remove the tampon without a string. The first step is to not panic! Read on for tips from a peer, expert and a mom.


Your fingers, girlfriend! Just reach in and pull it out. I know it sounds weird, but there are tampons that don’t have strings, and that’s how you get them out. It’s your body so there is nothing to be afraid of. Just go for it


That’s a good question, and one that I have not had an experience with. The first thing would be to find the string. If it were me, I’d wash my hands and use a couple of fingers to explore for the string. If you still can’t find the string, you could try squeezing the tampon out (or at least closer to your vaginal exit) by pushing like you were taking a hard poop. If you still can’t get it out, you’ll need to make an appointment with your healthcare provider to have it removed right away.


Don’t panic! It is possible to remove the tampon without a string. Sometimes a string will break, which usually leads to some instant concern. Remember this: take a deep breath. The first reason is because if you are anxious the muscles in your vagina will tighten up and make it more difficult for you to remove the tampon yourself. The second is that you can do this!

Start in the position that you would try to remove a tampon. Some even find squatting easier for this because it helps relax the pelvic muscles a little more.  Insert the index finger into the vagina to feel for the tampon (use a vaginal lubricant on your finger if you need to). Once you feel the tampon, see if you can move it to the vaginal wall with your finger still on the other side and pull it out that way. You could try to make a hook with your index finger once you locate the tampon and see if you can get it to move down that way. If you are not having any luck, see your health care provider right away to help you remove it.

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